Undead Fortune Review

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Undead Fortune Review

Developer: Hacksaw Gaming

Reels: 5


RTP: 96.29-88.55%

Max Win:10,000x

Volatility: 4/5

Release Date: October 5, 2022

Undead Fortune Overview

You never know what you’re going to get when Hacksaw Gaming releases a new slot, but one thing you can always count on is a high maximum win, which is 10,000x. Undead Fortune takes you to the Egyptian Empire of the Undead, where the 5 highest paying symbols bear a resemblance to the characters from the well-known gaming franchise Silent Hill.

Undead Fortune has a 5×4 board, with 10 different paylines, as well as a lot of different in-game features, such as: walking duels, Expanding DuelReels, The Curse, The Tomb and of course a bonus buy feature, all of which we will go into more detail about later in the review.



All duels reveal a monster that you must defeat in order to obtain its multiplier. If the monster is defeated, additional game mechanics will trigger depending on which duel type is presented on the board.

Walking Duels

Walk VS scatter symbols activate the Walking Duels feature, this symbol can appear on any of the 5 reels, if the Walking Duels symbol connects with any symbol on a winning payline, the symbol expands and turns the whole row into wilds. Every time Walking duels connects with a winning payline, a multiplier will appear on top of the symbol. Multiple Walk VS scatters can appear on the board.

If you defeat the monster the revealed multiplier shall be applied to your winnings, each time you win a duel, the Walking duels will move one reel to the left, unless the walking duel symbol is on reel 1.

The multiplier ranges from 2-200x.

Expanding DuelReels

To activate the Expanding DuelReels feature, the Green Expanding VS scatter needs to land on reel 2,3,4 or 5. Expanding duels is always wild and same as the Walking duels symbol it have the multiplier value on the top. Multiple Expanding duels can not appear in 1 game round.

Once the monster is defeated, the multiplier will be added to the bottom, and for every monster you defeat the reel expands to the left and add all the defeated multipliers from the monsters.

If the monster is not defeated the expanding reels will not expand but will still multiple all the winning paylines with the amount at the bottom.

The multiplier ranges from 2-200x.

The Curse

If 3 Curse Scatter symbols is visible on the board or you have charged up 3 TOMB scatters during the respin feature, you are awarded with the Curse bonus game. The Curse Bonus game awards you with 10 Free spins with a greater chance of landing the in-game features Walk VS and Expand VS symbols.

The Tomb

If 3 TOMB scatter symbols is visible on the board or you have charged up 3 TOMB scatters during the respin feature, the TOMB bonus game will begin.

In this Bonus feature new symbols can appear, that is not presented in the base game nor the curse bonus. The symbols in the TOMB are the following: Tomb VS symbols, Epic VS symbols, Unlock symbols, Golden unlock symbols and non-paying symbols.

Above all 5 reels is a multiplier that starts as 1x, throughout the bonus you gather multipliers that are added to the x above the reels.
In the Tomb there´s a mechanic called locking reels, that prevents the player to collect more multipliers, the reel is locked when you lose a duel, if the duel is won the reel will stay unlocked and the multiplier will be added. Once all the reels are locked, the bonus feature is over, and you will be awarded with all the multipliers that you have collected during the bonus round.

If you land a VS scatter a monster with a multiplier will appear, if the monster is defeated the multiplier will be added, if you lose the duel the reel will be locked and can only be opened by landing 4 unlock symbols on that reel or by landing the Golden Unlock scatter that unlocks all the reels.

If you land Epic VS scatter symbol, a multiplier will show at the top and if the monsters are defeated the multiplier shown will be added to all unlocked reels.

The multipliers range from 25x-200x, and the multiplying multipliers are: x2-x20.

Bonus Buy

There are 5 different types of features presented in the bonus buy option.

Bonus Feature spins
3x the bet amount to increase the odds of getting the bonus game by 5.

Walking Duel Feature spins
10x the bet amount to have at least one guaranteed Walk VS symbol, more Walk VS can appear during this buy.

Expanding Duel Feature spins
50x the bet amount to have at least on guaranteed Expand VS symbol.

The Curse
100x the bet amount.

The Tomb
200x the bet amount.

Undead Fortune Conclusion

Even though Hacksaw has started releasing slots very frequently, they manage to catch the attention of casino players who like unpredictable games and new features. You never know what you will get from Hacksaw, usually they are dark themed slots and right now they are releasing Forest Fortune, but Undead Fortune is a characteristic Hacksaw slot, with the undead monsters from Egypt that can give you a maximum win of 10,000x but with extreme volatility.

We like the DuelReel feature in this game, but if you compare it to some previous releases like Wanted Dead or A Wild, Chaos Crew and Hand of Anubis, Undead Fortune lacks that little extra that you get on those slot games. Either way, Undead Fortune is a great standalone with its entertaining features.

We Rate Undead Fortune 8/10

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