Twitch to ban slot gambling

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The streaming platform that was bought by Amazon back in 2014 for about 970$ million, have decided to ban slot, dice, roulette and all types of referral links to gambling sites.

Gambling on Twitch have had a significant growth over the last 3 years, many streamers have built their career in the gambling community using Twitch. It´s hard to say how this will impact the streamers like Yassuo, xQc Trainwreck, CorinnaKopf and many more who have partnership with stake and other online gambling sites.

This debate surfaced again, when a streamer who goes by the alias “ItsSliker” admitted that he borrowed a lot of money from his twitch followers as well as other streamers who use the platform, in order to fund his gambling habit.

In result of all this Twitch drama that is going on and the backlash that Twitch have gotten, they have decided to ban gambling on the platform excluding (Sports betting, fantasy sports and poker) This new Policy will take effect on the 18th of October and the future for the Slot streamers is erratic.

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